We're the company which produces contents and creates the value.

We "Suzuki" produce contents and make that develop by various approach, and report the value to high people. And a person is also counseled all sometimes.

About Us

Company NameThe Suzuki Company, Inc.
("Suzuki Shouten")
Head Office 2F, Toranomon KT Bldg., 5-11-15 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
ManagementRepresentative Director    Shinnosuke Suzuki
EstablishmentOct. 1, 2014
Our bankMizuho Bank (Kamiyacho Branch)
GMO Aozora Net Bank
Business Portfolio Creator Management
Rights Management
Publishing Books, Comics and Videos
Planning, development and operation of systems and services
Investment in venture companies
Business Consulting
Licensing Antique Dealder:Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No.301081706463